Whizzkid first began life in 1980 when vocalist Colin Robinson put together the cream of Wiganís music scene.  Various original projects followed with a single registering in the indie charts, a UK tour supporting Marillion and the formation of a quality covers band, Whizzkid was born.

 Hard work and attention to detail, as well as an appearance on TVís Opportunity Knocks, made them firm favourites over the next 10 years, both on the domestic club scene and regular tours throughout HM forces bases in Europe.  This first phase ended in 1991 when members of the band emigrated to Australia, Denmark and Bolton-on-Dearne!

 Meanwhile, drummer Paul Andre, guitarist Neil Duty and bass player Pete Harriman had been playing together in various bands on the Yorkshire club circuit and were looking to replace their departing vocalist in Buster.  Having already experienced Colin and Whizzkid showing all of the attributes of a band they aspired to be, the Yorkshire lads were amazed to find the "Lancashire Lungmeister" living in their backyard.  Once contact was made it was inevitable Colin chose these as the best of the bands clamouring for his services, and Whizzkid was born again.

 This line-up continued until June 2002 with occasional contributions from keyboardist Steve Glover (ex-Dragonfly, Statetrooper).  Neil decided his time was up and his replacement was local guitarist John Oxley (ex-Alcatraz, Africa, Jagged Edge, Suite Revenge, Impossible Dream).  Again with Steve popping in for an occasional gig the line-up stayed together until 2005.
Johnís replacement was the excellent Mark White (ex-Pure Fantasy, The Word, Teaser, Sam Sorono, Tina Turner tribute). 

Steve having decided to re-join Statetrooper for the European festival circuit (although staying in touch with the band), Whizzkid continued as a four piece maintaining their legendary high standard. 

Steve returned in 2007 and stayed for a further three years until leaving for a final time in September 2010. After another six month stint as a four piece; keyboard duties were taken up by former Harry Coffey Band maestro, Brendan Greaves, from Castleford. Brendan's start date was delayed by a series of operations following a bad skiing accident, but he has now been gigging with the band since March 2011.

 By this time, there was a further input of new blood with Mark's departure and the arrival of our very own "Whizzkid Ginner Junior", Liam Stevenson; fresh from his experiments with Dream Theater-esque original band, Retention Method.

The most recent change sees John Oxley return to reclaim his position as "resident Rock God"! Fresh from a four year stint with renowned tribute band "A Foreigner's Journey", John puts his years of experience to good use for Whizzkid once again! This completes the current line-up of the band.

Liam, meanwhile is still very much in touch with the band and will be fully involved in a new parallel project ... LoveHunter!
Check out www.lovehunteruk.com
The latest update in personnel is keyboard player Craig, taking over just before Xmas 2015. Craig was well known to us; having played with two of our guitarists in previous bands... with Mark White in Teaser, and with John Oxley in A Foreigner's Journey... making him an ideal choice to replace Brendan on the latter's departure.

Craig also joins Col and Pete in the lineup of the afore mentioned "Lovehunter" band, along with Ginger Liam, Jack Kirton and Lee Ellis Burton.

Two years on and another change sees John moving on and being replaced on guitar by Richard Spencer. Rich has been providing the oomph for a host of bands over the years; including Guns 'n' Oatcakes, Graf Zeppelin, Cafe, and Wild McBride. Now he's providing the sizzle in Whizzkid!
See you soon... at a venue near you!



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